The openAUC Project

The goals of the Open AUC (Analytical Ultracentrifugation) Project are to stimulate AUC innovation by improving instrumentation, detectors, acquisition and analysis software, and collaborative tools. These improvements are needed for the next generation of AUC-based research. The Open AUC Project combines on-going work from several different groups. The openAUC project encompasses both hardware and software developments. All software will use the GNU Public License to assure that intellectual property is available in open source format.

As new instruments and software are being developed, their design offers an open architecture, hardware standards, and application programming interfaces for detector developers. The openAUC strategy facilitates collaborations, encourages sharing, and eliminates the chronic impediments that have plagued AUC innovation for the last 20 years.

This Trac instance supports the software development and serves as a document repository for the openAUC project.


Multi-wavelength detector for the Beckman Optima XL

This instrument is developed in Germany by Helmut Coelfen at the University of Konstanz with support from BASF (Wendel Wohlleben). Data acquisition software was developed by Johannes Walter at the University of Erlangen. Several documents are available for download after agreeing to the open license terms.

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